Who Pays For What?


On average, home buyers financing a loan for a residential real estate transaction, pay in a range of 2 to 5 percent of the purchase price of the home in settlement costs.  Below is a list of closing costs that are common, but this information will vary depending on your specific transaction.  Please consult your loan officer and/or attorney for more detailed, actual costs.

Commission 6% of purchase price Seller
Appraisal $250 – $500 Buyer
Credit Report $30 – $75 per borrower Buyer
Inspection Fee $350+ per visit Buyer
Lender-direct underwriting fee $750 – $1,000 Buyer
Processing fee $150 Buyer
Flood certificate $50 – $100 Buyer
Tax service $85-$200 Buyer
Attorney Fee $600-$1000+ Buyer
Settlement Closing $250-$1000 Buyer
Title Insurance (buyer) $250-$1000 Buyer
Title insurance (seller) $300 – $2000 Seller
Recording Fee $75-$250 Both
State transfer tax (doc stamps)$0.70 per $100 Seller
Survey $500-$1000 Seller
Interest per day Loan Amount X rate / 365 Buyer
Escrow Insurance 1-5 months (if applicable) Buyer
Escrow taxes 1-5 months (if applicable) Buyer
Tax proration 105-110% of last tax bill Seller